Milwaukee Youth Theatre
2015 - 2016 Season

Celebrating our 24th Season!

Number the Stars

School Shows
Thursday 10/22/15 10am and
Friday 10/23/15 10am
Tickets $4

Public Show
Friday 10/23/15 7pm
Tickets $11 Adult
       $9 Ages 13-17
       $7 Ages 12 and under

Based on Lois Lowry's
Newberry Award winning novel
Adapted by Dr. Douglas W. Larche
Directed by Greg Davis

The story centers around the time of
German occupation in Denmark during
World War II.  The Nazi's were infiltrating
the area, closing down Jewish owned
businesses and relocating the Jewish
people to concentration camps.  Danish
Freedom fighters of all ages were risking
their lives in attempt to rescue the Jewish
population living in their neighborhoods.  
In this emotional play, two young girls,
Annemarie and Kristi Johansen face
interrogations by German soldiers,
personal danger, and loss of loved ones as
they try to help their friend Ellen Rosen
and her family escape to Sweden.  This
dramatic and touching play is
recommended for third graders and up.

This production is supported in part by a
contributions from the Milwaukee Arts
Board and Wisconsin Arts Board.

Mr. Popper's Penguins

School Shows
Thursday 2/11/16 10am and
Friday 2/12/16 10am
Tickets $4

Public Show
Friday 2/12/16 7pm
Tickets $11 Adult
       $9 Ages 13-17
       $7 Ages 12 and under

Based on the charming tale written by
Richard and Florence Atwater.
Adapted by Jody Davidson.
Directed by Dan Tellez
Music direction by Eric Regal

This amusing musical is filled with many
laughs along the way.  Mr. Popper, a
simple painter, is having difficulty  
supporting his family.  In addition, housing
and feeding twelve penguins makes it
almost impossible to make ends meet!  It
is then when he has a splendid idea. Why
not turn the flock of penguins into a
traveling vaudeville act!  And that's
exactly what he does.  Children of all ages
and their families will be delighted with
the adventures of Mr Poppers and his
performing feathered friends.

Twelfth Night

School Shows
Thursday 4/28/16 10am and
Friday 4/29/16 10am
Tickets $4

Public Show
Friday 4/29/16 7pm
Tickets $11 Adult
       $9 Ages 13-17
       $7 Ages 12 and under

William Shakespeare's great comedy will be
sure to keep audience members actively
engaged. Viola dresses as a man and takes
the name Cesario.  She enters the service
of the Duke of Illyria, Orsino.  Orsino longs
for the love of a neighboring countess.  
Viola, masquerading as Cesario, proceeds
to fall in love with Orsino.  To add to the
farce, Viola's identical twin, Sebastian,
arrives on the scene. The plot humorously
illustrates jealousy and mistaken identity.  
It features breath holding fights and duels.  
Shakespeare clearly speaks of the madness
of love in this creative and entertaining