Milwaukee Youth Theatre
MYT Proudly Announces
our 25th Season!

Honk! Jr.

Book and Lyrics: Anthony Drewe
Music: George Stiles
Directors: Dan Tellez & Eric Regal

School Shows
Thursday 10/20/16 10am and
Friday 10/21/16 10am
Tickets $4

Public Show
Friday 10/21/16 7pm
$11 Adult
$9 Ages 13-17
$7 Ages 12 and under
Public show advance tickets available here

Ivory Hall

A delightful adaptation of Hans Christian
Andersen's fable
The Ugly Duckling. A
heart-warming celebration of being
different that is sure to delight audiences
of all ages. This modern day retelling helps
to teach student's important life skills like
how to overcome a lack of peer
acceptance and bullying by his siblings.
The dialogue is witty, the story has unique
charm and the music is highly memorable.

Synopsis: Ugly looks quite a bit different
from his darling duckling brothers and
sisters. The other animals on the farm are
quick to notice and point this out, despite
his mother's protectiveness. Feeling rather
“foul” about himself he finds himself on an
adventure of self discovery all the while
unknowingly outwitting a hungry cat. Along
the way Ugly meets many unique
characters that are different like he is.
Through his deeply moving adventures he
finds out that being different is not a bad
thing to be.

This production is funded in part by the
City of Milwaukee Arts Board and by the
Wisconsin Arts Board.

Harriet the Spy

Author: Louise Fitzhugh
Playwright: Leslie Brody
Director: Maureen O'Hara
Advisory Director: Dan Tellez

School Shows
Thursday 2/9/17 10am and
Friday 2/10/17 10am
Tickets $4

Public Show
Friday 2/10/17 7pm
$11 Adult
$9 Ages 13-17
$7 Ages 12 and under
Public show advance tickets available here

Ivory Hall

Synopsis: Harriet M. Welch is the
headstrong only child of well to do
socialite parents. She is also has a hobby
of being a spy who observes her friends,
neighbors, and classmates. She likes to
write her observations down in her
notebook. Harriet spends much of her time
with her loving nurse Ole Golly who artfully
teaches her about life. One fateful night
Ole Golly announces she plans to marry and
move to Canada. Soon after that Harriet's
notebook is found and read by all her
friends and classmates. Harriet's blunt and
mean observations in her notebook causes
everyone at school to dislike her. Harriet is
distressed and spirals out of control. Ole
Golly returns for a visit and teaches
Harriet a helpful tip: Sometimes you have
to lie when you are a spy, but is important
to always be truthful to yourself.

Improv Extravaganza!

Public Shows
Thursday 5/4/17 7pm
Friday 5/5/17 7pm
Thursday 5/11/17 7pm
Friday 5/12/17 7pm
$11 Adult
$9 Ages 13-17
$7 Ages 12 and under
5/4 advance tickets available here
5/5 advance tickets available here
5/11 advance tickets available here
5/12 advance tickets available here

Room 208

Director: Brittany Curran

Be a part of Milwaukee Youth Theatre's
first ever produced improv show. This
project is directed by Second City trained,
MYT Educational Outreach Coordinator,
Brittany Curran. MYT plans to cast two
improv teams which will perform on
different nights in Studio Space #208.

Synopsis: Improvisation is the art of
creating without previous preparation.
Which means it is totally unscripted and
totally unique every time. Students will
learn how to think on their feet and create
stories on the spot just like actors of
Second City and on Whose Line is it

Students should not miss out on the
opportunity to be part of this completely
new and exciting production!