Milwaukee Youth Theatre
2014 - 2015 Season

Celebrating our 23rd Season!

Disney’s The Little Mermaid, JR.
October 23 and 24

Directed and Choreographed by Dan Tellez

In a magical underwater kingdom, the
beautiful young mermaid, Ariel, longs to
leave her ocean home – and her fins –
behind and live in the world above. But
first she'll have to defy her father, King
Triton, make a deal with the evil sea
witch, Ursula, who longs for Ariel's
beautiful singing voice, and convince the
handsome Prince Eric that she is the girl
who  he has been seeking. This musical
adventure will be sure to  delight entertain
all who attend.

Mary Hall Surface's
One Hundred Dresses
December 3, 4, and 5

Directed by Ashlea Wleklinski

Wanda Petronski just wants to join the fun
of having friends like any teenager, but in
1930's small town America, a Polish
Immigrant doesn’t fit in easily.  When
Maddie's best friend, Peggy, starts to tease
Wanda, Maddie knows it isn't right. When
the teasing doesn't stop, and the
Petronski's move away from the town's
prejudices,  Maddie is wracked with guilt.
She realizes that allowing her friend to be
a bully can be as bad as acting that way
herself. Determined not to let her fear get
the best of her, Maddie braves the scorn of
her friends and stands up to them.

William Shakespeare's
A Midsummer Night's Dream
February 12 and 13

Adapted and Directed by: Brandon Herr

This play, one of Shakespeare's most
popular comedies, portrays the events
surrounding the marriage of the Duke of
Athens, Theseus, and Hippolyta.  If follows
the adventures of four young lovers and a
group of amateur actors who are
controlled and manipulated by the fairies
who inhabit the enchanted forest in which
most of the play takes place.  Whimsical
characters include a handsome fairy king,
a misguided parent, star-crossed lovers, a
weaver who is transformed into a half-
donkey, and wood sprites. This work is
widely performed around the world, and no
wonder - it's about the world's most
popular pastime, falling in love. But as
Puck, the lead wood sprite knows, falling
in love can sometimes make fools out of us

E.B. White's
Stuart Little
May 14 and 15

Directed by: Brittany Noelle Curran

This endearing classic about a mouse
named Stuart Little who is born into an
ordinary New York family. All the charm,
wisdom and joy of the E.B. White original
are captured in this adaptation by Joseph
Robinette, who also dramatized the highly
acclaimed stage version of Charlotte's
Web. The many adventures—both big and
small—of Stuart Little are brought vividly
to life in this  theater performance. The all
student acting ensemble plays many
human and animal roles in a series of
delightful scenes that make up the
marvelous maneuverings of a mild-
mannered mouse trying to survive in a "real
people's world."