Milwaukee Youth Theatre

Jungle Book
Written by Joseph Rudyard Kipling
Directed by Dan Tellez

School Performances
Thursday February 8th 10am
Friday February 9th 10am

Public Performance
Friday February 9th 7pm

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This engaging interactive play is geared for
our younger theater goers. It will include
audience participation, movement and
puppetry.  A young man-cub named Mowgli
has been abandoned. A panther named
Bagheera takes pity on the baby and takes
him to a pack of wolves to be raised. The
wolf pack raises Mowgli and accepts him as
their own. Ten years pass and Mowgli
becomes a wiry young boy. Bagheera and
the wolf pack soon worry that their
predator, Shere Kahn, the tiger has a
hatred for man and that they need to
protect Mowgli from him. So Bagheera who
has become a teacher to the man-cub
volunteers to take him to the man-village
for protection. Along the way they face
dangers such as the hypnotizing eyes of
Kaa, a hungry python and more friendly
creatures like Baloo, a lovable bear who
helps Mowgli along the way.

This production in funded in part by the
City of Milwaukee Arts Board and by the
Wisconsin Arts Board