Milwaukee Youth Theatre
Milwaukee Youth Theatre

The following new classes will be taught by
the MYT staff at the Bay View Community
Center. Sign up now to ensure a spot in these
exciting, fun, and fast-paced classes!

(Youth 14 – 18 yrs.)
November 7
Saturday, 9 am – noon
Instructor: Veronica Zahn, MYT
Cost: $20
Registration Deadline: October 30th

Do you love theatre but dread being on stage
in front of an audience? Or are you an actor
interested in learning about what happens
behind the scenes? This is the class for you!
Through discussion and class exercises,
students will explore the basic role and
duties of the stage manager in a theatrical
production. Discussions will include
Lawrence Stern’s qualities of a stage
manager, contents of a stage manager’s kit,
and how the stage manager fits in to the
production team. Exercises will include
blocking notation, rehearsal logging, and cue
calling. Students who take this class are
encouraged to apply to be a student stage
manager with Milwaukee Youth Theatre for
their upcoming season!

(Youth 14 – 18 yrs.)
January 9, 16, and 23
Saturdays, 9:30 - 11:30 am.
Instructor: Veronica Zahn, MYT
Cost: $28
Registration Deadline: December 30
The director of a theatrical production must
be able to see the big picture as well as the
details. In this series of classes, students will
learn how to develop a design concept, run
auditions and cast a show, lead warm-ups,
block scenes, and successfully work with
actors as well as members of the production
team. During the final class, students will
mock-pitch their show concept and present a
scene that they have directed. Students will
have the opportunity to both direct their
own scene as well as act in their classmates’
scenes. This class is perfect for actors as
well as students who are more interested in
the technical and behind-the-scenes side of

(Youth 12-17)
February 13, 20, 27
Saturdays, 11:15 am – 1:15 pm
Instructor: Brittany Curran, MYT
Cost: $25
Registration Deadline: January 29
This workshop is intended to be an
introductory course to Shakespearean text as
well as a prep course for MYT’s production of
“TWELFTH NIGHT”. Students will learn how
to read Shakespearean texts as though they
are musical compositions by deciphering in-
text clues and codes. Emphasis will be
placed on character work and vocal power,
as well as very intensive text work. Students
are encouraged to bring a Shakespearean
monologue that speaks to them on the first
day of class (all of Shakespeare’s plays and
sonnets can be easily found online.) During
the final day of class, students will perform
Shakespearean monologues and scenes for
friends and family members.

(Youth 11 – 17 yrs.)
February 15
Monday, 3 – 5 pm
Instructor: Brittany Curran, MYT
Cost: $15
Registration Deadline: February 1
Learn how to think on your feet and create a
story on the spot just like the actors of
Second City or Whose Line is it Anyway!
Improvisation is the art of creating without
previous preparation — totally unscripted
and totally unique every time. Students will
be introduced to the basic rules of successful
improv and learn several entertaining improv
games. Students who are totally new to
improvisation and improv veterans alike will
benefit from the work in this class, and are
highly encouraged to enroll in this fun and
useful class!

(Youth 12 – 17 yrs.)
March 28 – April 1
Monday-Friday, 3 – 5 pm
Instructor: Brittany Curran
Cost: $65
Registration Deadline: March 14
In this intensive workshop, students will
learn to recognize and alter their Midwestern
speech habits, as well as how to speak in
several domestic and foreign dialects,
including, but not limited to, British
(Received Pronunciation and cockney,)
American Southern, and NYC. Students will
be introduced to the International Phonetic
Alphabet (IPA) to aid in the understanding of
sound changes. On the final day, students
will showcase their newfound dialect skills in
a fun presentation for friends and family

All classes will take place at
Bay View Community Center
1320 East Oklahoma Avenue
Milwaukee WI 53207

For more information and to register contact
Bay View Community Center at
or call